Canvas Clean Painting

Canvas Clean Painting

We haven't done any clean painting since August was tiny so it was time to revisit this activity. I had a big canvas lying around, but I'd recommend a smaller one.

Choose your paint colours wisely. You (probably) don't want to end up with brown splodges at the end - so choose some colours you like, only 2 or 3, and avoid colours that mix to create brown. Google it if you're not sure!! PUT LOTS OF PAINT ON THE CANVAS.

Painting on Canvas

Wayyyyy more than I did, if you want it covered.
Wrap your canvas in a couple of layers of cling film/glad wrap / whatever you call it. Alternatively you you use cut up clear document pockets or sandwich bags selotaped together. Then let your little one explore!! August is very strong and 'grabby' so it took a little more support and monitoring to make sure he didn't just rip all of the cling film off! Younger babes will have a blast with this - I think august is ready for some messy painting!!! Stay tuned for that! 

Final Artpiece

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