Exploring Hot and Cold

Exploring Hot and Cold

August explored the difference between 'hot' and 'cold' today out in the garden. I filled two plastic tubs - one with hot-ish water and the other with cold water and as much ice as I had in the house! I added some @navybabynz metal parts - you could also use cups and spoons or maybe even toys like animals? If I had polar bears and lots of camels I'd totally do that!! I added food colouring to the water so there was more of a visual difference also. Red and blue often represent hot and cold on things like taps. I left the whole set up on the grass for August to explore. I sat by and watched - adding language about the temperature and what he could FEEL. 

hot and cold

I couldn't tell you if he preferred one over the other. He certainly did lots of splashing in the hot water but he was perplexed by the cold and tasted a few of the ice cubes. I poured the different temperatures over his feet for more a whole body experience!! 

Exploring Cold

Can you remember the signs for hot and cold? They're in my highlights under 'feelings' and there's AMPLE opportunity to model them during this activity!!

Watch how this activity went here

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