Freshwater Flowers

Freshwater Flowers

Reminder: It's okay for babies to eat flowers. They will be fine.

This morning's sensory experience was all about flowers! We explored our property for flowers to cut and bring inside to play with. We tried to choose as many colour variations as possible but this was hard given my garden is full of cacti! I may or may not have nabbed a few from the neighbour 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

flower play setup

Inside - I displayed the flowers in a cake tin and taped another container down to fill with water. Then I let August explore and discover! I mostly observed but sometimes chimed in to talk about colours, textures, label the parts of the flower and talk about what he was doing. 

This activity was fab for exploring transferring from one container to the other. The flowers got wet which changed how they looked but also how they felt - cue shaking water off the flowers all over the lounge! There were lots of textures to explore and August started to bring over other things that he wanted to see in the water such as his t-shirt! This opened up a conversation about washing things and how we do the washing. All in all - loads of engagement and fun! 

Watch how August interacted with this activity here

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