Post, Pull & Pour Milk Bottle

Post, Pull & Pour Milk Bottle

August has had this activity for 45 minutes and already it's a favourite. I can tell it's going to be really versatile and what he does with it will change as his interests develop. At the moment, he loves to empty things, whether that be POURING them all out or PULLING them out one by one (goodbye, wipes). I know in the future, he's likely to go through a stage of enjoying POSTING items INTO a container - and this bottle is ready for that. So is my lounge when he starts to enjoy posting toys away in baskets!! I model this for him when he's poured everything out by putting everything back in with him watching.

🍼 cut a hole in the side of a milk bottle, just big enough for your babies hand to reach in.
🍼 cut the top off.

🍼make sure cuts are clean so there's no spiky plastic.
🍼fill with some new and intriguing things. We started with bottle tops and lolly sticks. Later we'll do scraps of fabric and ribbons. It really can be ANYTHING, including small, familiar toys. 

Sit back and watch your baby! Some might like a demonstration. Some might just enjoy shaking the bottle (smaller bottles for smaller babies) and watching all the bits come out. Keep switching out the items to make it fresh and see how your baby interacts with it. And pat yourself on the back for doing some fun recycling.

Click here to see how he interacts with this activity

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