Beach Play Tray

Beach Play Tray

Some simple sensory play today - sand. You can't get more classic than that. We keep a load of sand in a big plastic container and we tip it into August's play tray every now and again. Not having it out all the time keeps the novelty factor - we just scoop as much as we can back in the box after a few days.

Sand us boring to us - we know what it feels like. I hate the feeling of sand on me! But little ones have so much to learn and explore. Sand feels soft, it can pour, it changes texture as you add water, you can build with it, you can leave marks in it, you can hide things in it, you can dig it up, put it in things and tip it out of things. Children only learn to understand all of sand's properties and what it can do by playing with it. It's a sensory experience which also develops their fine and gross motor skills - win win.

Can you hear how Jon is joining in with the play and making comments? He's being a teacher and not a tester by asking very few questions and instead just feeding in language. Watch my youtube video to learn more.

Children of all ages can play with sand. Don't be put off if younger babies or mouthing toddlers want to eat a bit. Mouthing things is all part of development and a bit of sand never hurt anyone. Mouthing is learning - so even if you're cringing and hate the idea of sand in your mouth, hold back and let your little one do what they're born to do - explore!

Watch the beach play here

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