Wipe Box Posting

Wipe Box Posting

Auggie has been sick this long weekend so we've been inside a lot. That has meant I've had to be on my game with keeping him engaged in resources he already has. Often, a simple change like switching up a vessel or mixing toys you've never mixed before can make all the difference. On Saturday, I engaged my sicky, snotty little lamb in wipe box posting.

I gathered some postable toys. These are a mix of @playitforwardnz and @navybabynz resources. Then I grabbed this wipe box we hadn't gotten around to refilling. It has a little rubber 'mouth' to make wipes come out one by one, which made for interesting posting.

I'm labelling the things that August is posting but I'm also using action language like 'push' and 'put' and 'slide'. I'm letting August lead the play and I'm just adding language about whatever he's holding, I'm not taking over or labelling anything he isn't interested in. I taking it slow and keeping it simple. I don't like to learn when I'm sick - I'm guessing he doesn't either!

What can you switch up to make an easy posting activity?

Watch the video here

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