Trajectory Schema

Trajectory Schema

Sit back for a little while and watch what your little one is doing with their toys. If they're pushing their things along, rolling down a ramp, kicking things forward, running back and forth, moving their bodies up and down or dropping things - they may be exploring the trajectory schema.

Schema is a posh word for when children do the same behaviour over and over again to explore how the world works. Children exploring the trajectory schema are working out how things can move from one place to the next.

I noticed that Auggie was really into dropping things from a height and he'd also become focussed on putting things down the pikler ramp. I simply set up more opportunities for us to do that together and have fun doing so! Turns out it's way funnier when I 'make a mistake' and drop something, or when his teddies make something drop. We didn't need any new toys or lengthy set up - I just joined in with what August was already doing and did the same thing.

Trajectory vocab you can repeat: push, Pull, up, down, drop, slide, glide, smash, bounce, splat, weeee, fast, slow.

How is your little one exploring trajectory?

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