3 Step Recipe for a Super Fun Play Tray

3 Step Recipe for a Super Fun Play Tray

Don't over think it.

There are some amazing ideas out there for fun, educational play tray set ups but MANNN they can make you feel inferior.

Most of us don't have the time to THINK about linking a learning idea to a book to a resource to a tray set up, let alone have the resources and time to do so. I'd hate to think this overwhelm was holding people back from just setting up the basics.

So - here's a 3 Step recipe for success. You really can't go wrong and you absolutely already have all these things at home.

Once you're feeling confident with this and you magically find some time, of course you can set up all kinds of other things!!

Keep it simple. Tag a parent who's stuck for ideas, and stick around for more simple play hacks this summer :)

Watch the full reel here

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