Tempt them to Communitcate

Tempt them to Communitcate
These are just a few of the ways that you can tempt your little one to interact with you, basically by doing something a little bit silly. Kids are so used to us functioning like adults and keeping things ticking along, that when we purposely sabotage the situation, it stops them in their tracks. Those are key moments when they're likely to look at you and try to interact in order to fix it!

Try one of these strategies and then WAIT.
Waiting is one of the most important tools to have in your parenting toolbox! Because we're such good communicators we tend to fill all of the silence with words. But if you WAIT silently and expectantly (lots of eye contact, smiling and leaning in to show you're engaged) and WAIT then your child is very likely to do something to communicate with you.

They may giggle, make more eye contact, make a noise or giggle. Take that as communication, smile and respond as if they just said a sentence!

May say a word or two to tell you what's wrong. They might try and fix it for you. Praise any attempt they make that keeps the conversation going.

Tempting your child to communicate like this is setting the tempo for a turn taking interaction: you do something, they do something - REPEAT. Once you've captured their interest, try and keep the turn taking going however you can. You could repeat the same temptation and make a funny game out of it, e.g. put the sock on their hand then their toe then their knee so that they have to keep showing you it's wrong.

The unexpected tempts us all to communicate. If I walked into a party with a pineapple on my head you'd notice and want to say something, right?! So do the unexpected and tempt your little one.

Tag a parent who is looking for ways to get their little one to talk more. I'm happy to answer any questions in the comments! Happy Tempting!

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