Starting School Mistake

Starting School Mistake

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Did you know that teaching your child what SOUND each letter makes is way more important than them learning the name of the letter?

E.g. knowing that a K make a "cuh" sound is much more powerful for reading and spelling than being able to name it as a "kay".

We all speak and read in letter sounds, not letter names. To be able to de-code (read words) or encode (write words), children need to know their Letter-to-sound rules.

Letter-to-sound rules are an incredibly important part of PHONOLOGICAL AWARENESS and often it's something that adults struggle to do. What sound does a Q make?! What about an X?!

If you're not sure and you'd like some help - my sing-the-sounds resources have you covered. Not only do they have fun, easy to understand visuals for your kids, but they come with a free video to teach adults the song AND how to say all the sounds correctly.

Check them out at - just search 'sounds'.

Click here to watch the full reel 

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