Language Development Tip

Language Development Tip

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For some reason, adults have fallen into a pattern of speaking in the third person to our kids. For example, people often say "come to mummy" instead of "come to me".

We don't actually need to do this.

Learning to understand and use pronouns is a big step for children and it can become more difficult when the adults around them aren't modelling them correctly. If we all speak normally and use the same pronouns we'd use talking to our friends, our little ones have a better chance of understanding and using the sentence structures correctly.

Your child will still learn your name and their own name!! They just don't need it said in every sentence.

If your little one has started talking and is getting their pronouns mixed up, e.g. They're saying "me hungry", here's how to help.

Say the phrase back to them correctly AS IF YOU ARE THEM and add your name at the end before you respond.

Child: "me hungry"
Adult: "I'm hungry, mummy. Sure let's get you some food".

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