Parents Play and Important Role

Parents Play and Important Role

YOU are the best teacher for your child. Never forget it.

Children learn quicker when taught by those who they feel closest to and safest around - and that's most likely with YOU!

So whilst Speech Therapists are GREAT and have specialist training in this area, we're no different to doctors or physiotherapists. We assess the problem, suggest some strategies that'll make things better and show you how to do them. Then it's your job to follow through with your exercises or take your medication to improve.

Your sprained ankle would never get better if you only did the stretches in the Physio's office, right? You need to stretch at home too. Speech therapy is the same. Only kids can't do it by themselves - they need an adult to help.

So - if your child is in therapy, make sure you get the help you need from your therapist to learn what you can be doing at home during your everyday play and interactions. You shouldn't have to make any extra time - the best strategies are those that fit into your daily routines.

If you think your child needs therapy - peek in my milestones highlight to start with!

Then use my other highlights to upskill yourself with strategies!


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