Language Everywhere: 🐝🐝🐝

Language Everywhere: 🐝🐝🐝
Language is everywhere and there's an infinite amount of new words that your little one has the potential of learning. Remember - language isn't inside your child waiting to come out, you have to put the words in! It's time to get your Speech Therapist hat on and find the language in everything!

Regardless of your child's age in stage, tell the story in full, grammatically correct sentences or short phrases. E.g.
"I can see a bee! A little bee! It's flying around the flowers. Buzz! The bee is picking up all the pollen from the flower. Then it'll fly back to its hive to make some honey. Bees make honey!"

Even if they're just listening to your words and not fully understanding all of the content, your little one is learning. At the very least, they're hearing the intonation in your voice as you tell the story. At best, they're listening and learning about the world.

I talk like this pretty much every time we see a bee. Do I sound insane? Yes! But it goes in! Now when I talk about bees getting pollen, August says "make honey!". There's lots of bee pictures on honey containers too which helps carry on the learning.

Look for language opportunities in your surroundings and fill them up with language. Tell the story of the bees, the ants, the spider. Your child is learning every time you speak. Magic!

How do you fill your child up with language?

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