If you're parenting a toddler, you might need to hear this

If you're parenting a toddler, you might need to hear this

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We all want to hear our children talk so badly that often we put them under too much pressure.

That pressure can significantly impact their language development.

It's all well-meaning. Whether it be asking them what noise an animal makes (when they've already told us earlier), making them say please after we've handed over something or cueing them with "say_____" - all of it is piling on pressure.

Our kids will speak when they're ready, when they feel safe and when they want to. The best way to support them is to refrain from asking them to say things and just to join in with their play!

Model what you would LIKE them to say if they could. Here are some examples:

"say moooo!"
"there's a cow! It goes moooooo"

"say thankyou"
"thankyou, mummy"

"say car"
"brrrrm brrrrm - my car is fast!"

"what's that?"
"I can see a dog! Woof!"

Take the pressure off your little one and try getting more involved with their play and modelling the language you'd like to hear. You'll be surprised the difference it makes.

You've got this.

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