Communication Tempation - Pausing

Communication Tempation - Pausing

Click here to swipe to see a video of me showing you how I use the 'pausing' technique to teach August how to communicate with me that he wants to keep swinging.

How to:
⋒ I set up the game. It needs to be a game that the adult is in charge of, like pushing a swing, putting a car down a ramp, rolling a ball etc. That adult needs to hold the power to stop or go.
⋒ I repeat a phrase like '123 weee' or 'ready set go' a couple of times and do the fun action on the last word. I don't expect anything From August until he's heard it 4 or 5 times. ⋒ Say your phrase, PAUSE the fun and WAIT.
⋒ Did I say WAIT?! You really really need to wait until you get something that looks like communication, whether it be eye contact or a noise.
⋒ when they communicate in whatever way - you say the last word of your phrases and keep the fun going

You can start doing this with babies much earlier that you think! Give it a try.

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