Be a Teacher, not at Tester

Be a Teacher, not at Tester

When our babies start communicating with us using words, signs or actions, we tend to get excited and want them to do it again and again. We can easily fall into the trap of asking “where’s your nose?!” when they learn about their face. Or “what’s that?!” when they can name their favourite toy.

BUT - your baby knows the answer to that. They’ve already learned it. So when you ask, you’re just giving them a mini test. Which is fine - but can be tiring for your baby and it doesn’t add anything new to their repertoire!

Instead, try to be a teacher. Reduce the amount of questions you ask and endeavour to teach new things instead! You could say “these are your eyebrows” or label what their favourite toy is doing “she’s sleeping because she’s tired!”.

Your baby is learning all of their language from you, so make sure you’re being a teacher, not a tester.

Have you been testing more or teaching more?

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