Why won't my kids calm down?!

Why won't my kids calm down?!

You might need to hear this today ⬇️

Real talk: I often find my kids' behaviour triggering. The noise of shouting and whinging and crying can feel all too much for me and I often feel inside like I'm exploding a little.

BUT knowing what I know really helps me to regulate myself and not lose it with my kids.

When you realise and truly believe that kids don't want to misbehave or wind us up, it's easier to treat them like the babies they are and support them with kindness and connection.

When kids are pushing our buttons, it's because their little, underdeveloped brains are really struggling to cope with things, not because they're after us. They're only able to push our buttons because WE HAVE BUTTONS - we weren't taught to regulate ourselves when we were kids.

If a child didn't hear any language for their first 3 years of life, they wouldn't learn any language or be able to effectively communicate - they're not born with language IN them, just the capacity to learn. The same applies to learning to cope with emotions and regulate themselves. They're not born with those skills but they can learn them if we teach and model them.

Need advice on what to do? Head to the Zazi hub and search for a problem you're having like 'biting' or 'tantrums' and there'll be lots of posts for you - many with scripts of exactly what you could say.

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You've got this.

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