No such thing as naughty

No such thing as naughty

Here's how I see it....

Don't get me wrong - I still get triggered by my children. I'm only human and sometimes it really does feel like they're out to press all your buttons.

But when you believe to your core that children are doing their best with what they've got, it really helps you to be more understanding and less reactive.

You remember - ah yes - they are still babies with underdeveloped brains who have had little to no practice in dealing with big emotions.

This DOESN'T mean we can just let our kids run riot.
It just means that we can hold our boundaries whilst still being respectful.

Their ANGER can be acknowledged and redirected into a safe way of expressing it.

Their FRUSTRATION can be understood and we can hold space for their outbursts because we're a safe space.

Their SADNESS can be validated and we can sit with them through that feeling without needing to 'cheer them up' or have them 'snap out of it'.

Their WORRY can be heard and we can spend more time reassuring them.

When we're a safe space for our children to express themselves to, we're setting them up to be able to come to us when they really need us. Not hide away and bottle those feelings because they're not acceptable.

When kids push our boundaries, they're shouting "I'm out of control, will you still love me if I do this? Will you connect with me if I am like this?".

It can only HELP future behaviours if they see that we're unshakeable in our love for them. That we understand they're struggling and we're going to help them through the feeling - not chastise them for having valid feelings yet not being able to express them how we see fit.

There's always time to change up your responses. Nobody gets it perfect all the time. Parenting is SO HARD. But good on you for doing your best be mindful of this stuff and make changes.

You've got this. :)

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