Why is my Toddler using a Baby Voice all the time?

Why is my Toddler using a Baby Voice all the time?

Your toddler is being a baby.

Why is it so triggering?!

They're too old to be talking like this now and it's frustrating - you want them to talk normally and use their words.
BUT. This is a behaviour. They're doing it for a reason.
Many see this behaviour increase when a baby sibling comes on the scene. Our toddlers see that the baby gets soooo much of their parents connection for crying or babbling or chewing on things, why wouldn't they copy that in order to get the same attention?? There's no harm in us babying them to give them the connection they need.

What's important is that we avoid shaming our little ones for being baby-ish. Shame doesn't help anyone. The aim is not to coerce them to stop being a baby, the aim is to meet them where they are and wait for this phase to pass.

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