Reminder: There's no such thing as naughty

Reminder: There's no such thing as naughty

I'm not joking.

Labelling kids as 'naughty' can make their little minds take that word on as a personality trait. "Wow - mum thinks I'm naughty so I must be. I'm just a naughty kid". You'd be surprised how much worse a child behaviour can become when they believe within themselves that they're 'bad'. We really don't want to place that shame on them.

Besides - kids aren't naughty. They're just little people with very underdeveloped brains. They're unable to cope with their emotions or control their impulses. So it all comes out a bit messy. But every behaviour is a call for 'help'. And when us adults pause, breathe, and remind ourselves of this, we're less likely to be reactive to our children's wild and unpredictable behaviour.

They are truly MEANT to be pushing all the boundaries. It's a sign they're developing typically.

Tag a parent who needs a reminder of this and save it for later when you're stressed to bits and questioning 'is my child ok?!'.

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