Toddler Tantrums

Toddler Tantrums

Calmly help them to stop the aggressive behaviour and offer connection / meet their need.

I know it's hard to remember in the moment but when your child is acting out it’s not because they don’t know better, it’s because in that moment they cannot do better.

They can’t.

And whatever behaviour you’re saying that’s your child’s best attempt at getting their needs met. They’re communicating to you – Help me

They might be tired and dysregulated. The might be angry and lacking in impulse control.

Whatever’s going on for them, they don’t have access to the same skills as they usually have.

Whatever the case, a big angry reaction from us isn’t going to help them behave better. It’s going to make them feel shame that they couldn’t behave better in that moment.

Kids learn through us modelling and connecting with them not through fear of us shouting or isolation.

Accept that tantrums happen.

They just happen for toddlers. You’re not going to avoid it. And as you see it ramping up, there’s when you need to meet it. See what needs need to be met, give them food, give them comfort, connect and be as calm as you can when they’re losing it.

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