Responding to Fibs - shared with permission -

Responding to Fibs - shared with permission -

Had this chat with a follower today and she gave me permission to share it in case it can help anyone else.

It’s so important that our kids can come to us to tell us if they’ve been hurt, but in this instance it sounded like the little girl was ‘crying wolf’ a little. As a starting point - I suggested this approach. It may not be the correct approach for this child or this situation, but it’s a starting point for problem solving. What’s most important here is that the adults around the child are communicating and all on the same page about the plan going forward. It goes without saying that children need to be believed in the first instance and advocated for if they’re saying they’re being hurt by someone.

Another thought - 2 year olds have no concept of time. And they lack perception. So if a teacher bumped into this little one then they might think they had been hurt by that teacher. They don’t really understand intent. The child in this example is 2 so does not yet have theory of mind. And is possibly still processing something that happened days ago.

Remember - all behaviour is communication. So if you KNOW your child is lying to you, have a think about WHY that might be and what the behaviour is trying to communicate.

Has your little one told you lies before? How did you respond? Comment below 👇

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