There is No Such Thing as Naughty

There is No Such Thing as Naughty

All behaviour is communication.

And yes it can be super triggering and frustrating for us as adults. Chances are that we were punished for misbehaving and you're not alone if you now think that's the best way to handle your own child's misbehaviour.

Fact is - there's plenty research to the contrary. We know that respectful boundary setting and praise for GOOD behaviour is the best way to shape behaviour. Sometimes it's just really hard to remember that in the moment. Because again - behaviour is triggering and our own childhood experiences and traumas come to the surface.

Nobody's perfect and we're all learning. But if you try to take a breath and question "what is my child trying to communicate to me?" You'll start to view behaviour differently. There's no such thing as naughty - they're just children feeling feelings that they can't manage. They need us adults to regulate ourselves and teach them ways to manage.

Comment below if there's been an occasion where your child has acted out and you've managed to get to the bottom of what they were trying to communicate.

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