How can I Reduce Tantrums around Transition Times?

How can I Reduce Tantrums around Transition Times?

If you want to reduce tantrums, one of the best things that you can do is give your little one some warning before a transition.

A transition is when you more from one activity to another activity like going home from the park or going to bed.

Remember kids don’t really understand the passage of time. So you saying in a minute or in five minutes we’re going to go home – that doesn’t mean anything to them. The words that we like use it last play or last activity.

We plan the last activity together, then make sure we have loads of fun with it.

Hey August, It’s nearly time for us to go home. What would you like to do for your last play? Shall we go down the slide again, go on the swings again?

Oh August, I’m looking at the clock and its nearly seven o’clock, that means bedtime. We have time for one last play, what would you like to do?


In this way August understands that we’ve got one last activity to do before we make the transition to bed. There’s often still some pushback. He’s a toddler. That’s just part of it. But if you confidently move them along and hold your boundary, you’re going to experience fewer tantrums.

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