Summer Soup: Imaginative Water Play

Summer Soup: Imaginative Water Play

The best activities are the ones where you already have all the stuff at home. Here's a new one for you - soup making. Or tea. Or coffee. Or anything else you can imagine - this is just a fab opportunity to role play food-prep and to do some lovely pouring practice! August played with this for ages and returned multiple times throughout the afternoon.


🍊chopped orange (skin on)
🍊basil leaves
🍊beetroot juice to dye the water
🍊measuring jugs, cups, bowls, scoops, spoons etc

💚💚 you can really use anything you have. Water and containers are the only things you need. You could add flowers and leaves if you don't want to add fruit.
🔥🔥🔥 pro tip - add fruit your little one isn't all that into. This is a great exposure activity and they might even taste it!

making a summer soup

I like to speak as if I'm a customer coming into a shop, kind of like a role play. "Hello Mr Shopkeeper! I'd really like some soup Please! Can I have 3 oranges in a bowl with my soup? Mmmm it's delicious! Can I have some more please? I'm really hungry".

👍 add some fun sabotage! Accidentally spill the soup down yourself. Make it so your hands are too wobbly to hold it properly!

Tag a friend to try this with this summer. Share with us if you try it!

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