Exploring Colours: Red Bath

Exploring Colours: Red Bath
Bath time is a great time to explore colours. I had some beetroot juice left over from our summer soup activity so I added it to August's bath for something different! I found as many bath-friendly red toys as I could in my 1 minute scan of the house and chucked them in too.

Unexpected things spark joy and spark interest! They tempt your little one to communicate. Auggie was wowed by the bath looking different and was excited to get in there and explore the different toys. Lots of new things to talk about!

🔴 The colour of everything in there
🔴 which body parts were red under the water.
🔴 how the water looked when it was poured
🔴 how I got the water to turn red
🔴 was it pink? Let's look at some pink things to compare.

Auggie came out clean and the same colour as he went in! No dramas. Easy, colourful, sensory play. Beetroot juice worked for us buy you can use a dash of food colouring. We've done that too and it didn't dye him. A google for natural food colouring will have lots of suggestions, like turmeric for yellow etc.

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