Post and Shake Buttons

Post and Shake Buttons

Buttons are SO easy to pick up from opshops, $2 shops and craft shops and they're great small parts for play. I set up this quiet activity for Auggie this afternoon - it took less than a minute. Small parts like this are a little harder for your baby to grab so they're developing their fine motor skills including pincer grip (used for writing) when they play with smaller pieces.

🔘Cut a slot in the top of a used container. Anything. Ice cream or formula or tea. This is a hot chocolate tub.
🔘 put some buttons in another container
🔘 show your baby how they slot through. Then let them do WHATEVER they want with it. 

As you can see, August wanted to dump all of these out before he felt like posting them. He's just as much about emptying as he is about posting. The joy of posting small things through a small slot of a small container means they also make a cool shaking noise and don't tend to fly out everywhere! 

Remember - buttons can be a choking hazard. Choose big ones, watch closely and discourage mouthing. I said 'i can't let you put them in your mouth' when August tried to bite one, and I've put the game out of his reach so that he can't access it on his own.

Watch August post them here

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