Living Room Ramp and Roll

Living Room Ramp and Roll

Shout out to my Mam who is an expert in keeping active little boys occupied. I came in to find my sofa taken apart and cushions everywhere and the pikler ramp in the mix. They'd been pushing things down the ramp (HELLO TRAJECTORY SCHEMA) but had also just been playing rough and rolling around on the cushions.

DID YOU KNOW that rough play is good for your baby's brain? 'Roughhousing' stimulates neuron development in the parts of the brain responsible for memory, language, learning and logic. All that body proximity also makes the brain release oxytocin (the love hormone) which makes you both feel good! Big movements like rolling and falling help your baby to understand how their body moves and where they are in space. 

So - don't be afraid to make a big comfortable cushion arena and support some rolling and tumbling with your baby. Climb and fall. Gently bash them with a cushion! Make sure you're both having fun!!

Watch some of the fun here

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