Play Doh Talking

Play Doh Talking

Playdoh/playdough is one of the most versatile activities for speech and language development. WHY? Because you can mould it into anything and then talk about it! So YES it's a fab sensory experience and great for motor development and fun and easy and a bit messy and versatile - but when it comes to helping your little one talk, it's GOLD.

So first - make some. See my previous post for the how-to. It's insanely easy and you'll wonder why you haven't always been making it. 

Next - play with it. Show your baby this new texture. Talk about what you're doing with it as you roll, squish, press, drop, squeeze, prod, smear and pat it. Talk about the containers you're putting it in or moving it with. Form it into something your baby likes and label it. Do whatever they enjoy most again and again! 

We made snakes that slithered. We made peas and put them into the pot to cook them. We rolled little balls and squished them with our fingers. We sang the popcorn song and jiggled the pan until the peas came out. We made cupcakes and sang '5 little cakes in the bakers shop' and 'pat-a-cake'. August had a taste and looked at me to gage my reaction. We mashed some into the carpet. We took turns patting it and poking holes.

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