Making a mark

Making a mark

I realised we'd painted with real paint and with ice paints but we'd never done any drawing. I'd never really given August the opportunity to draw though he's seen me write and colour in - I needed to change that!

I got Auggie some big, kids, washable, thick crayola felt tips. I didn't choose pencils or crayons because these require a precise grip and more pressure on the paper to make a mark. Felt tips are like paint. I then taped a piece of paper to the table and gave him some pens with the lids off. I drew some squiggles to show him what he could do with them. 

Drawing can go anywhere any everywhere because you're only limited by what you can draw! After I'd given August the chance to make some marks and begin to understand what a pen does - I joined in and drew some familiar things for him. I chose animals or things from stories that he likes to engage with, like a door to knock on. We drew for quite a while! I was also able to comment on the colours we were using and August of course wanted to wipe down the picture at the end to clean it - obviously he thought we'd made a mess of the paper! 

Has your baby or toddler had a chance to mark paper?! Try it! If not pens then find my other posts about paint and ice paints!

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