Exploring Wet and Dry – Pet Rescue | Play Tray Activity

Exploring Wet and Dry – Pet Rescue | Play Tray Activity

Today we explored textures in a fun way - August enjoyed this for ages! I filled the play tray, half with flour (he's really enjoyed baking recently) and the other half with shaving foam. I added metal containers and plastic sea animals - later August asked to add some water too!

They might have a taste, yeah. I Think Auggie consumed about a tablespoon of flour. He tried to shaving foam but quickly decided it was a bad idea and didn't do it again. I didn't jump in to stop anything or suggest he shouldn't eat it - that only sparks their curiosity more. If it's not a choking hazard and not deadly toxic - my advice is you just let them try it. It's part of learning and they'll learn what not to eat.

wet play in the play tray

The sensory play isn't for us and we already know stuff like this is messy so we tend to rand back and observe. Play is much more fun if you join in and do your own thing with the messy stuff or copy your child. they'll learn from you and you'll learn from them.

- Textures: Wet, Skippy, Slimy, dry, soft, smooth
- Animal names and where they are.
- Talk about what happens when the textures mix.
- narrate what they're doing with things.
- play pretend. We made cakes our of the flour.

- Play tray and stand from @playitforwardnz 
- metal containers from @navybabynz 

Heres a video of how it went

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