Edible Baby Slime

Edible Baby Slime

Because they're already making a bloody mess - why not add to it?!

We first tried this on August's play mat outside but we were both too messy to take photos. It's good to practice getting messy and feeling wet and sticky etc so that your babe is less likely to get upset if an accident happens. I myself can't STAND having sticky hands so this was good practice for me!!

Mix baby rice with some water and less than a drop of food colouring. I just poured it all on his tray and mixed it with my hands. No harm if baby just eats it 🤷🏼‍♀️

Talk about the feel of the slime- ''ooh it's cold and sticky and slimy! It's sticking to my hands!''. Talk about the body parts the slime is on - ''look! You've got slime on your leg, you've got slime on your hands AND you've got slime on your nose!'' Watch closely for when baby is getting tired of this activity so you can sign 'finished' and get them cleaned up :)

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