Easy Sensory Play Set-up

Easy Sensory Play Set-up

This kept them BUSY!!!!

Providing hot AND cold temperatures an an extra sensory element for this water play really sparked my kids interest.

I made the red water hot and the green water cold, and provided containers so they could mix the colours and see what happened!

I also added soap to one tub to make it all bubbly, and sharks to another - just because.

You don’t need any special water table for this activity - some big storage containers or oven trays will do. Use whatever you have lying around.

Remember - sensory play is just play that stimulates the senses. So when you’re setting things up you can just ask yourself ‘what senses will this stimulate??’
With this activity:

- coloured water, toys and bubbles for seeing
- temperatures and toys and water for feeling
- soap for smelling

Give it a go tomorrow and tag us if you try it!
Suitable for all ages!!

Watch the full reel here

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