3 easy play ideas

3 easy play ideas

⬇️3 easy play ideas⬇️

Sometimes us parents are just desperate for a couple of minutes to ourselves. We want our kids to play independently for a little bit but they're bored of all their toys.

Often we're tempted to buy new toys to spark their interest and hold their attention, but it's so not necessary when there are so many things within the house that our kids would love to get into.

Try these 3 activities instead:

💧Sink Play:
Use a stool, chair or learning tower to support your little one up at the sink. Give them their silicone dinnerware or some plastic containers to tip and pour with. You can leave the water running or just half fill the sink for them.

Kids adore water play and being up at the sink where the adults are is novel. You can even do this in the bathroom whilst you shower.

🧽It's EASY CLEAN UP kitchens and bathrooms are made to get wet. Put one of our messy mats under them to absorb any spills or have some towels to hand. Remember that learning happens through play and play is messy - so messy is best for learning. embrace it.

⛺Indoor camping
Make a camp/fort for your child to explore. You could put a sheet over the kitchen table, use your clothes horse or stack your sofa cushions.

Kids often love being enclosed by a camp and it can be very calming for them. Encourage them to bring their toys in. You could serve snacks in there to bring the camping to life.

🤎Mud Clean
Grab two two oven trays. Put some soil from the garden in one of them and add a bit of water so it goes all muddy. Add some plastic toys and get them covered in mud. Fill the other oven tray with some warm water and add some tools like a scrubbing brush or a sponge.

Set your little one up outside to rescue and clean their toys, or be a 'car wash'.

Easy clean up: be ready with another tub of warm water to wash them down before coming inside.

I hope one of these 3 gives you a few minutes to yourself today to have a cup of tea!

Ka pai for setting your child up with such fun learning activities. You're doing a great job.

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Share this with a parent friend - which one could you set up together so that you two can finish a conversation?!?!

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