Are clothes holding back your child's development?!

Are clothes holding back your child's development?!

Wet feet ✅ cold hands ✅

If clothes are child sized then they're made for play. A child's only job is to play, and explore, and get messy, and discover how things work. And all of that is learning. So who are we to hold them back from that because of what they're wearing?!

I didn't have wellies to hand when we had a hail storm but that didn't stop me from letting the kids explore. YES they got their socks and shoes soaked but that's not reason enough to hold them back from learning.

It was nothing a warm bath in the sink and a hot chocolate couldn't fix.

Remember: clothes aren't made for their re-sale value, they're there to enjoy life in the current moment. So be brave and let your little one get wet, muddy, slimy or just grubby in general in WHATEVER THEY'RE WEARING IN THE MOMENT. Don't hold them back.

Who's feeling brave enough?!

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