The Power of Modelling

The Power of Modelling

Modelling is when you show your child the exact thing you would like them to say or do, and it’s a word Speech and Language Therapists say all the time.

Basically - your child looks to you as a teacher of everything, so whatever you do, they’re likely to copy. You need to be doing the right stuff!!

Modelling is much more effective than asking our child questions or telling them what to do because it’s low pressure - they can take in the information and copy you when they’re ready. That way you know your child understands what they’re communicating- not just being a parrot/puppet!

✅ how to make modelling more powerful:

👏🏻 EMPHASISE the word or sound you’re teaching. You could drag the sound out longer or say it louder or in a more excited tone.

👏🏻 REPEAT- 3 times in the moment (if you can) and lots during the day. We all need lots of repetition to learn new things. When you say something back to your child 3 times it sounds so weird that they’re more likely to listen up! E.g. “ooh yes the sssun is bright. Let’s put some sssun screen on. That’ll keep our bodies safe in the sssun”.

👏🏻 Pause and look at your child expectantly. That gives them time to process the new information and provides them an opportunity to try copy you if they want to.


Happy modelling. I’m happy to answer any questions! Tag a parent who’s helping their child to talk, and save this post for later!

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