The Best Top for Helping Your Child to say Words Correctly

The Best Top for Helping Your Child to say Words Correctly

If their words sound strange, you need to sound STRANGER when you model it back to them correctly. Say it more than once and with lots of emphasis. DO NOT make them copy you or have that expectation - keep the interaction going.

They learn all their other sounds from listening to you, they're likely to get this one too with more opportunities to listen.

When our kids start talking it’s not unusual for there words to come out sounding a little bit funny. It take an awful long time to learn and master all of the crazy sounds of English. Especially sounds that are blended together.

Think of the word SQUARE. Theres three consonant sounds together. It’s hard. They’ve learnt all of their other sounds just through listening to you and other around them.

So the best thing you can do when they’re saying a word not quite right, is to say it a few times for them so they can listen some more. And if you put lots of emphasis on the sound that’s not quite right they’re going to be queuing in and thinking hmm that’s different to how I say it.

You've got this.

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