Tempt your child to communicate

Tempt your child to communicate

Create opportunities for your child to initiate an interaction with you by setting up a COMMUNICATION TEMPTATION. Place a favourite toy or snack within view but out of reach, or only give part of it, e.g. One slice of banana. Then WAIT for your child to do something to ask for it.

WAITING is the hardest part! Don't jump in and help them, wait for them to process what is going on and then initiate an interaction with you. Whilst you're waiting, look at your child EXPECTANTLY. This means leaning in, smiling and having a look on your face which conveys that it's your child's turn.

Initiating an interaction can be eye contact, making a noise, babbling, signing or saying a word - whatever stage your baby is at. As soon as they communicate with you, show them that they've successfully communicated by giving them the toy or snack straight away. This teaches them ''when you do that, you're telling me that you need my help!".

This is not about training your child, it's about creating more opportunities for them to check in with you and communicate.

Have you tried any communication temptations? Check out my 'temptations' highlight for more ideas and videos of me modelling them with August.

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