Help your baby to start talking!

Help your baby to start talking!

Communication temptations are little purposeful opportunities set up to tempt your baby to show you what they can do!

The PAUSE is the most important thing here. You're going to be super tempted to just finish the song, but you need to WAIT. Try counting to 5 in your head. Children's brains need much longer to process and formulate an answers than ours do.

HOW: Sing a really familiar song. You could sing it few in full a few times. Then leave off the last word or the most exciting bit, e.g. The "pop" in 'pop goes the weasel'. PAUSE to give your child an opportunity to communicate in whichever way they can.

Your baby might not be ready to say the word clearly but they could make a noise, babble or attempt the word.

Check out my 'temptations' highlight to see videos of me doing this with August.

What song are you going to try this with?

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