Tempt them to Communicate

Tempt them to Communicate
Another example of a communication temptation! Communication temptations are things you can do to sabotage a situation or a predictable routine. They're so put of the ordinary that they tempt your little one to communicate with you!

Communication looks different at every stage. In response to the empty cup, a 6 month old might look at you and make a noise. That's communication! An older baby might sign water, more or help. They might make a confused noise or laugh. An older toddler might laugh and tell you there's no water! This trick works on all ages and SLTs use communication temptations on even school aged children.

Communication temptations are fleeting. I'm not suggesting you refuse to give your child water until they communicate! That would be cruel. Give them water straight away after - just use it as an opportunity to do something silly and see how your child reacts.

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