Teach them how to ask for help

Teach them how to ask for help
It's really easy to fall into the trap of asking your little one lots of yes/no questions but every time we do - they're only getting to practice yes and no! Plus - they don't get to hear examples of how they COULD respond.

RULE OF THUMB - Talk as if you were in your child's shoes.
🤔 yes - I'm saying talk for your child. Which sounds controversial but only when you talk for them do they hear what they could say in that exact moment to get what they want. Saying "it looks like you need some help" or "do you need a hand?" Doesn't teach them an easy way to make a request. If you can switch it to "Help me" or "Help" whilst signing, you're still offering your assistance but you're teaching them what they could d next time to get you to help.

Being able to ask for help can have a huge impact on your child's well being. They're more likely to say or sign 'help' than cry, and they can quickly get their needs met. Everyone wants a happy child!

The sign for 'help' looks a lot like the sign for 'thank you'. It's fine to use both. This sign is on my 'mealtime' and 'playtime' posters for reference.

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