Fill them up with language: Toilet Edition

Fill them up with language: Toilet Edition

I know you're all going to get to a point where you want your little ones to independently use the toilet and fully transition out of nappies. I want to tell you that it all starts with modelling - we can't expect our little ones to want to sit on that huge, scary white chair with a hole in it if they haven't seen us do the same. Moreover - there's loads of language learning to be done around this topic!

Kids learn everything from us. Most of you will have taken your newborn to the bathroom with you and plonked them somewhere, but this tends to happen less when children become more independent. But, toddlers are the ones who need to observe how going to the toilet works and learn all the language that goes with it, so it might be time to involve them again.

How I do it:
I always say "I need to go to the toilet, I need a wee/poo". That's what I'd like him to say when he's ready, so that's what I model. I also sign 'wee' or 'poo' - you can find these signs in my 'needs' highlight. He loves to sign them with me and he gets excited to run into the bathroom.
I talk August through all the steps, whether he's watching or not. There's toys in the bathroom and a cupboard full of creams that usually take his attention but I know he's listening. I give him the option to help pull the toilet roll and I talk openly about my body parts, using the correct names of course. I'm passionate about normalising all body stuff and speaking positively about my own body in front of him so that he can be comfortable in his own skin. I want him to love and respect his body so I model that in the language I use.

I'm constantly thinking "what do I need him to be able to say when he's learning how to recognise he needs the toilet and then go?!". I then model that language. I'm also thinking "what doesn't he know the name of in here?" And I try to start a conversation about it. Try and touch on all the words in the post!

Even the most mundane of everyday activities have lots of learning and language for your little one, so don't underestimate any moment. Could you do more at toilet time?

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