Have Fun with Rhyming Words

Have Fun with Rhyming Words

If you've followed for a while then you know we sing ALL THE TIME. We sing kids songs and nursery rhymes all day and now August loves to sing to us. What you might not know is we also play lots of rhyming games like this!

Rhyming is an incredibly important skill for literacy - it's part of having good PHONOLOGICAL AWARENESS. Phonological awareness is the understanding of how words are made up and how sounds work together and can be manipulated to make other words - it's not just phonics. Having good phonological awareness is the best indicator that a child will have success in literacy.

Being able to identify and create rhyme helps children to read and write in a major way - so it's a no brainer. The more fun we can have with rhyme, the better.

📖 Read. As much and as often as you can. Choose stories that interest your Child and lots that use rhyme. The library is your friend!
🗣 sing nursery rhymes! Second hand shops always have some good, old nursery rhyme books. You might have to youtube a few on your own time to learn the tunes!
🤗 model some words that rhyme when you talk. "Would you like rips, dips or chips?!". Say the wrong rhyming word at the end of a familiar song and see your child light up - "twinkle twinkle little car....".
🤯 once your child begins to understand that they can change the first sound to make a rhyming word, they will start experimenting with some.

How do you enjoy rhyme with your little one?

Watch a video here

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