2 Ways to Help Your Child Say More Words

2 Ways to Help Your Child Say More Words

Two strategies for supporting your little one to say more words.

If you’re trying to teach your little one to use more words – this is he video for you!

I’m going to show you a clip where my mum is using two strategies to support my daughter to use more words and to connect more words in a sentence.

“Would you like some more?”

The first strategy:
She’s using is withholding something that Etta really wants and modelling the word she could use to get it. You’re only waiting for 3 seconds. You’re not waiting until your child definitely speaks before you give them something that they want. That would be so frustrating. Just model the word and give your child a 3 second wait period to give them an opportunity to say it if they can or to sign it.

The second strategy:
She’s using here is adding a word to what Etta says. So when Etta says “more” my mum says “more please”. She’s not expecting Etta to add ‘please’ to her sentence, what she’s doing is showing Etta how to use a two word phrase.


Watch the full reel here

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