Why Independent Kids are Happy Kids

Why Independent Kids are Happy Kids

Toddlers are often seeking freedom and independence. They want to wander off and explore things – just as the adults do.

But more often than not – we stop them from touching things because we think they’ll make a mess or we’re too busy to let them join in – we just have to get it done quickly so it’s done.

This can lead to lots of frustration and tantrums for toddlers as they want to copy us. Every part of the world is exciting to them!

Where possible, it is really beneficial for toddles to be involved in whatever you’re doing. Give them a small job to do or support them to explore what they’re wandering towards.

After all – they will only learn to do something without making a mess if they get to practice a lot of times with your support.

So embrace the mess! Give your child a chance. The more you say ‘yes’, the less you’ll have to say ‘no’ and the fewer tantrums you’ll have to endure! Plus your little one will be learning new skills and becoming independent! Its a win win.

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