What to do when your child won't stop misbehaving

What to do when your child won't stop misbehaving

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We've all fallen into this pattern:
Our kids are constantly pushing our buttons by misbehaving and arguing and our tone becomes clipped and annoyed. We snap more, we sound exasperated and we're constantly putting out fires because the behaviours just keep on coming.

It can mean our children can go HOURS without someone saying something kind or giving them praise. Hours feeling like they're 'naughty' so might as well keep going. Hours of directions and corrections but no connection and play.

When you harness the power of the 'yes vibe' you can stop bad behaviour in its tracks. Suddenly our child feels heard, feels like you're on their side and because they're hearing so much praise from you, learn to do the things you like to hear more praise. It turns everything around.

Next time your child is pushing your buttons, PAUSE and recognise it as a call for help. They're NOT manipulating you and they're not misbehaving on purpose. It doesn't feel good for them.

RESPOND with a 'yes vibe' - agreeing with what they're saying or helping them do what they're doing in a positive way. If they're hammering the glass, help them hammer the carpet. If they're pushing their sibling, help them play rough and tumble with you.

PILE on the praise, positivity and love. Your child much prefers that - it feels safer and they're more likely to behave in order to feel more of that with you. Make the ratio MORE CONNECTION And wayyyyy less correction and direction. 5:1.

Give it a go today and let me know how it goes. Ask any questions you have in the comments, and share with another parent to support our content.

You've got this!

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