Taking Breaks Outdoors

Taking Breaks Outdoors

We were losing it ⬇️

Sometimes it feels like a military operation trying to get kids outside or to do anything but we do A LOT of it because we see HUGE benefits to our childrens' behaviour and our own sanity.

When behaviour starts to go awry, the kids are bashing each other, and nobody is managing to hold their attention and play, we just start packing up and make our way outdoors. To ANYWHERE. It just has to be outside.

That change of temperature, fresh air and freedom to explore works wonders on my kids and it's worth the rigmarole of getting out the house. We all end up calmer.

YES that sometimes means we just grab shoes and coats and snacks and the kids wander out freezing and barefoot and we just make it happen. If the barrier to getting outside is all of the steps included in that transition, then I recommend just cutting out all the steps. Your child will ask for their shoes and coat when they realise they need it!!

Good luck out there.

You've got this.

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