Tackling Toys at the Toy Shop

Tackling Toys at the Toy Shop

Yes, this helps young children too.

Might they still cry? Yes of course. Their brains are undeveloped and they can't understand the complexities of why they can't have everything they desire. That doesn't make them wrong or annoying or 'naughty' for crying - it just shows how innocent and genuine their brains are. They see it and they want it and they cry when they can't have it and don't understand. Fair enough!!

When we RESPECT our children's feelings and GENUINELY ACKNOWLEDGE those feelings, they feel heard and they're more likely to calm down quicker. They don't have to keep crying to get their point across because they hear that you've already got it, you know what they want l, so then they're just crying out of disappointment.

Try this next time your child wants ALL OF THE THINGS.

Watch the full reel here

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