Supporting Behaviour: Catch your Child being Good

Supporting Behaviour: Catch your Child being Good


It's really easy to get caught up in correcting your toddler as they're always getting up so some kind of mischief! But remember, positive attention for good behaviour leads to more good behaviour. That's a fact.

So try and catch the good moments - they can be doing anything, even relaxing!

Avoid saying good girl or good boy. That praise is too non-specific and doesn't tell your little one which part of their behaviour you're happy about. Instead, just comment on what they're doing in a positive voice. "You're helping me pack these toys away, thank you for your help". Or "your body looks so relaxed!".

As often as possible! But if you've reflected that you're not one for giving out praise, try and challenge yourself to 5 pieces a day. Think about how you'll remind yourself, do you need post it notes everywhere? Could you build it into your routine, e.g. One positive piece of feedback at teeth brushing time, one at breakfast, one at lunch etc?

Have you tried this? Comment below what's worked best for you, and tag a parent who's struggling with a wayward toddler.




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