Misplaces Mum-Guilt

Misplaces Mum-Guilt

Do they actually care?
Or are you just beating yourself up??
Go easy on yourself.

When I gave birth to my second child I was so upset about losing time with my first. It was the thing that I cried about the most. I just felt like I was missing out on his life. I was watching Dad hang out with him and I was stuck breastfeeding.

It absolutely gets butter and recently I’ve been feeling like I haven’t been spending enough one on one time with my eldest.

And you know the mam guilt, the mam guilt stacks up. I was feeling terrible about it.

So today I picked him up from his preschool and took him to a toy shop. We looked around. I didn’t intend to buy him anything but then I just did. I bought him a dinosaur and then we went to Bunnings and pushed trolleys around and then we went out for milkshakes and then headed home.

And on my way home I was saying how amazing it was to spend time just me and him. And then I asked him how he felt about it and whether he had a good time, he like no. I like it when Etta and Daddy are there. So he didn’t want to spend one on one time with me. It was all my guilt. It was all in my head.

Just sharing this for the thousands of other mothers who are stressed about missing out on time with their first.

You end up working it out and the kids enjoy time as a family and you don’t have to worry. You also don’t have to buy all the dinosaurs but hey, no one gave me that memo. You’ve got this!

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